West Martello Tower Key West

West Martello Tower – Key West History

I admit that I take the beauty of where I live for granted sometimes. When I need a “reality check” on how special this place is I find myself down near Higgs Beach and the White Street Pier during the morning hours. This area lends itself to all walks of life. The joggers, walkers, bike riders, dog lovers, and sometimes the leftovers from the night before.
The one thing they all have in common, they are all super nice in the morning. My walk always takes me down the small pier adjacent to Higgs Beach. On a clear day when the water has been calm you don’t even need a snorkel to be able to view the snapper, grouper, barracuda and rays right from above. On occasion I’ve seen tarpon rolling, most likely they are chasing bait around in the shallows. Rarely are there many people out on this pier very early. As the day goes on the beach will get even more activity as will the pier.
A walk down the pathway in front of Salute and around the Children’s Park brings you to West Martello Tower. At long last I was here at a later hour today where I could actually go inside the garden, where as usually I’m admiring the sweeping banyan trees from the gate.
I haven’t been here since 2002 for a wedding of a co-worker. It has changed a lot since then. Still a fortress, the entrance is welcoming and offers many areas to sit and relax and read up on the garden. It is truly an oasis of all the beautiful plants and flowers we enjoy here in the Keys. Although lots of them are not native, they grow and thrive in our tropical climate.
The West Martello Gardens are operated by the Key West Garden Club and are completely reliant on donations from the visiting public.
I recommend a visit here if you want a place to just relax or to bring children to show them some of the beauty of nature. The view from the back fence isn’t so bad either.
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