Key West Weather

May 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Key West

Key West has beautiful weather nearly all year longFor starters the weather in Key West is beautiful for most of the year. The sun shines, the wind blows, the rain showers come and go but in the end youd have to say our weather is pretty darn good.

January and February can give way to some windy and cooler weather in Key West. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your swim suit or bag the snorkel trip to the reef, but you might pick your days if you end up here when a cold front blows through.

Most folks come from somewhere cooler so a 78 degree water temp is not going to bother them much. For me, if the air temp goes below 68 degrees Im sporting a sweater if not a full blown fleece, but after living here for nearly 17 years my blood is thin, very thin. I cant stand the cold and don’t tolerate it, especially in my own home town.

March can give way to some spectacular days but can also be a huge bummer if the cold fronts keep marching through (no pun intended). Key West weather generally stabilizes after late February but in recent years we’ve had some cooler weather that has lasted well into March.
Generally April and May have a warming trend and our weather pattern becomes more predictable. Of course there will be some storms that pop up in the late afternoon but these months are mostly sunny and in the 80s.

June brings some of the most pleasant weather to the Keys. Yes, it starts to get pretty steamy but the seas are generally calm, the fishing is prime and its at the beginning of hurricane season so the potential for a named storm in the Keys is not very likely.

July & August are the hottest months in the Keys. There is not a day that goes by where there is not a trade wind of some sort to move the air around. You will find that being on the water and / or in the water is a necessity in the summer time. Again, the seas are calm and warm and the potential for tropical systems is still pretty low.

As we head into September the cool fronts may start to return. September 11th is the high point of hurricane season and generally the most active in the Atlantic basin. If there is a tropical system in our Key West weather pattern this is the most likely time for it to happen. September is a terrific time to come down. Its fairly quiet because most of the kids are back in school and the weather is still calm and beautifully warm during the days.

October and early November can go one of two ways, warm and steamy or cooler and showing signs of dropping temperatures. In recent years its been pretty hot up until the end of October and our Fantasy Fest celebration. Its probably a good thing that its on the warmer side as most bodies that are here for Fantasy Fest are painted or dressed in very little clothing. Its a terrific event for ADULTS only (there is a pet masquerade and a Children’s Day that is suitable for kids). If you have ever had the need to put on a mask and not much else, this is an event where you can do it and not get in too much trouble.

Visit the Fantasy Fest official website for more details on the schedule of events.

The latter part of November and December can give way to some cold fronts. The weather cools down to a high in the upper 70s and low in the mid 60s at times. Its not bad considering the rest of the country could be under freezing cold temps by now and everyone who can is dreaming of some more fun in the sun.

Key West Weather Averages by Month:

Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 75°F 65°F 70°F 2.22 in. 86°F (1991) 41°F (1981)
Feb 76°F 66°F 71°F 1.51 in. 85°F (1991) 45°F (1996)
Mar 79°F 69°F 74°F 1.86 in. 88°F (1994) 47°F (1986)
Apr 82°F 72°F 77°F 2.06 in. 90°F (1991) 48°F (1987)
May 85°F 76°F 81°F 3.48 in. 91°F (1995) 64°F (1992)
Jun 88?F 79°F 83°F 4.57 in. 94°F (1952) 68°F (1961)
Jul 89°F 80°F 85°F 3.27 in. 95°F (1951) 69°F (1952)
Aug 90°F 79°F 84°F 5.40 in. 98°F (1997) 68°F (1952)
Sep 88°F 79°F 83°F 5.45 in. 94°F (1951) 69°F (1985)
Oct 85°F 76°F 80°F 4.34 in. 93°F (1962) 60°F (1957)
Nov 81°F 72°F 76°F 2.64 in. 89°F (1988) 49°F (1959)
Dec 77°F 67°F 72°F 2.14 in. 88°F (1948) 44°F (1989)