Getting Away from Old Man Winter

February 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Key West

If you look on my Instagram feed (@flyfishgal) and you are freezing your tush off in the North somewhere you might really feel the tug of the warm sunshine that draws so many people to our island nation annually.

Life in the United States only connected chain of islands is a good one. It’s a beautiful place to live and work and I am nothing but thankful for my place here in paradise.

If you find you want to live among the eclectic society that surrounds Key West you might want to know a few things before you decide you want to make this a place you hang your sombrero.

  1. It’s Expensive to live here – I see posts on our local group Facebook pages for rentals in Key West. They can equate to the cost of a studio apartment on the upper east side only 1/3 of the size.  I spent a lot of time looking for housing even before I moved to Key West in 1996. Location is key and if you have pets – be ready to shell out even more money to have fido by your side. A one bedroom apartment in Key West can run you $1700 if you are lucky. That includes no parking and possibly no laundry on site. The norm right now in one of the less desirable apartment complexes start at $2000. Most places want first, last and security up front. If you are a fresh new face just coming to town, seriously bring a pocket full of extra money just to secure a spot to live.
  2. It’s kind of a lonely place – I tell people this often. You will find you know so-and-so from the bar and another guy who you see all the time at the coffee shop, but friends are hard to come by. Key West is a melting pot of mostly good people. The good, the bad and the ugly live here. I’m lucky to have found a few good friends who I am confident would help me in a time of need. You do have to be careful who you trust here.
  3. It’s a small island and it gets smaller every day – I tell people that phrase often. It’s amazing how our “coconut telegraph” works. There’s something amazing about living on a small island. If you lost something, chances are you might find it again with the help of our One Human Family. But, do something bad and chances are someone will know about it before it’s even done.
  4. Don’t forget to enjoy paradise – so many times I’ve gotten wrapped up in my job or just forget why I moved here. It was to be on the water. To fish, snorkel, enjoy the remote beaches and kayak through the mangroves. When I’m not doing that I get super grumpy. I have more recently made it a habit of going and walking along South Roosevelt Blvd. or down the White Street Pier just to get a breath of fresh sea air and enjoy the morning people (who I find are the friendliest of them all).

Key West is an amazing place. There can certainly be a surprise around any corner. Especially during Fantasy Fest!

I’ve been living here since 1996 and so thankful I have been able to keep this my home for all those years.